MEMBERS of VOM make a conscious choice in taking a shared responsibility in carrying out the vision and mission of the organization. They know that through working together and by taking a restorative justice approach, the individual lives of these men and women can be changed, by means of addressing their criminogenic needs, and changing their behavioural thinking patterns, hereby creating productive citizens and in turn creating safer communities within Trinidad and Tobago.

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Becoming a Member of Vision On Mission..

Affords you the opportunity to not only contribute financially to the work of the organization, but allows you to make a difference in servicing the inmates, ex-offenders, deportees, socially displaced persons, and delinquent youths that VOM serves on a daily basis, through the value, expertise, and insight that Members bring and add to the organization.

The Members of Vision On Mission play an essential role in the organization by offering their individual services or that of their respective organizations, towards seeing these individual lives of the clients transformed – rehabilitated, successfully reintegrated into society, and resettled back into their communities as law-abiding citizens.

Member Benefits

  • Quarterly communications on all VOM events, activities, financial standing, and client outcomes
  • Member-only events and meetings where members are able to provide their expertise in their respective fields to carry out the vision and mission of VOM
  • Expand your Network by interacting with other professionals and Members of VOM
  • Member-only field visits with the Executive President and members of the VOM team to visit the organization’s in-transit facilities, observe the team in action during the in-prison Preparation for Release programme, along with special visits to the organization’s Administrative offices in San Juan and San Fernando


To apply for Membership at Vision On Mission, download the Membership application form today, and mail or email the form to us.

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Member Dues

VOM Member dues go towards the operations and sustainment of the organization in fulfilling its vision and mission. By providing financial support along with individual contributions to VOM, a Member’s expressed interest and commitment is evident.

Membership dues are to be made payable in advance for the respective year in the amount of $500.00 annually.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member and we welcome you to download our form below to apply for Membership.

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Donate To The Reduction In Recidivism And Creating Safer Communities

Each donation goes towards the operations of the varied programmes and services provided to VOM’s clients.